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Governor Carcieri Plans 2% Spending Increase (posted January 31, 2004)

Governor Don Carcieri said he would propose only a 2 percent increase in state spending for next year, according to a plan he announced on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers" with Jack White. He also indicated he would take "a hard line" on tax increases. While there might be increases in fees and cigarette taxes, the governor promised there would be no increase in broad-based taxes such as the income tax.

In other news, Carcieri rejected Congressman James Langevin's idea that the Rhode Island Supreme Court appoint members of a new Commission on Public Integrity. "The Chief Justice can't do it because of separation of powers," he said. Even though the governor wants to appoint commission members, he said "I am not looking for this to be my thing."

He also criticized the Ethics Commission settlement with House Majority Leader Gordon Fox over an ethics complaint. The commission's decision had the appearance of "short-circuiting" the investigation, Carcieri argued. It shouldn't "cut a deal" with Fox. Doing so only increases public mistrust and cynicism, the governor stated.
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