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Cicilline Holding Line on Property Taxes (posted May 2, 2004)

Providence Mayor David Cicilline is holding the line on property taxes in this year's budget. Appearing on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers" with Jack White, Cicilline said "taxes in the aggregate have not been increased a single dollar." Individual valuations have shifted, but the overall amount of money being raised from the property tax has not increased. The school budget is being "level funded", he said, although he is trying to get new monies from the General Assembly.

The mayor also indicated that "we expect to realize new savings as a result of [labor] contracts." The city's union agreements expire at the end of June, 2004.

When asked about Brown University's Committee on Slavery and Justice, Cicilline praised President Ruth Simmons. It is important "to educate ourselves about the relationship and connection to the slave trade," he pointed out. Discussion of this issue is a healthy thing, he said.