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Chafee Thinks Hillary Clinton Might Run in 2004 (posted June 1, 2003)

Senator Lincoln Chafee predicted that with a lackluster field of Democrats competing to run against President George Bush, a late entry might be New York Senator Hillary Clinton. "I wouldn't be surprised if the president falters that Hillary Clinton would get in," Chafee said. The Rhode Island senator made his comments on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers" with Jack White and Scott MacKay over the weekend.

Speaking of his own relationship with President Bush, Chafee downplayed his past differences with the president and said he expected the GOP to unify by next year. "In the end, Republicans come together," he noted. Chafee also said he was seeking re-election in 2006 when his current term ends. He indicated he was raising money and said "I am the best Republican to represent the state."

Chafee furthermore noted he was surprised this year's tax cut was approved by the Senate. The legislation passed on a 51 to 50 vote with Vice President Dick Cheney casting the tie-breaking vote. "I thought we had George Voinivich (R-Ohio). People said [early in the debate] this will never pass," Chafee said. However, in the end, the bill was enacted when two Democrats and Voinivich sided with President Bush.
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