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Congressman Kennedy Attacks Howard Dean on Gun Control (posted October 13, 2003)

Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy attacked Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean's gun record at a Capitol Hill congressional event, according to a October 6, 2003 article in the Washington Post. Speaking at the rally called to generate support for a federal ban on assault weapons, Kennedy said he was "saddened" by Dean's unwillingness to support tougher gun laws. Kennedy, who has endorsed Richard Gephardt for president, complained that Dean was "pro-NRA" and that Dean had "compromised his principles" as a medical doctor.

Speaking with a reporter after the event, Kennedy explained, "this is a personal issue with me, and I'm very disturbed at the fact that people are not paying attention to Dr. Dean's record".

When informed of Kennedy's remarks, a Dean campaign spokesperson was upset about Kennedy's Capitol Hill remarks. "It's in extremely bad taste to exploit that kind of event for political gain."

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