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Republican Organization To Broadcast Pro-Nader Spot (posted October 28, 2000)

The Republican Leadership Council, a group with close ties to GOP candidate George W. Bush, has announced that it will broadcast ads in Washington, Wisconsin, and Oregon featuring Green Party candidate Ralph Nader. The spot shows Nader attacking Gore's environmental record in an effort to help Bush. In the commercial, Nader says, "Al Gore is suffering from election year delusion if he thinks his record on the environment is anything to be proud of....Eight years of principles betrayed and promises broken."

This is the first time a group with ties to a major party candidate has run ads touting a third party candidate in an effort to hurt the opponent. The strategy is risky if voters see the commercial for what it is, a cynical effort to boost Nader's vote in hopes of harming the Democratic presidential candidate. That type of tactic may backfire against the GOP ticket.

Source: Associated Press
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