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Governor Carcieri Plans Counter-Offensive (posted November 1, 2003)

Governor Don Carcieri outlined his strategy for dealing with a million dollar labor offensive against politicians who blame workers for budget problems. Appearing on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers" with Jack White and Ian Donnis, Carcieri said he planned to "keep talking about the issues." He stated that he was the governor for all the people, including taxpayers and there were issues such as pension reform where labor unions and himself "may disagree on."

In the past, the governor has proposed that state workers pay more of their pension costs. Carcieri said he still was looking at the issue and wants "to look at the whole thing. Our pensions costs are rising dramatically." In addition to pension contributions, he pointed out that Rhode Island has no minimum retirement age. State workers can retire at 80 percent of their salary after 35 years on the job, even if they started work in the early 20s.

When asked about the upcoming 2004 elections, he expressed the hope he could elect more Republican members of the General Assembly. "It is a question of balance," he said. "We can't have a situation where the membership is so lop-sided." It is "not healthy," he argued.
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