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RI GOP Targets Democratic General Assembly (posted November 23, 2003)

Rhode Island Republican Party chairperson Patricia Morgan says her party is setting its target on the Democratically-dominated General Assembly. Appearing on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers" with Jack White and Ian Donnis, Morgan complained about House Democratic Majority Leader Gordon Fox, who currently is the subject of an Ethics Commission over legal work he performed for G-Tech. "He has violated the code of ethics," she stated and "abused" his public position.

The General Assembly has too many Democrats, she noted, and needs more party competititon. Speaking of the national party, she said "the Democratic party is being pulled to serve special interests." Although past GOP chairs have expressed similar complaints about low party representation in the General Assembly, Morgan predicted 2004 would produce better results because "we have got our organization together."

State Democratic party chair William Lynch, appearing on the same show with Morgan, expressed doubt about the GOP's viability and pointed out Morgan was the fifth Republican party chair he had dealt with during his own tenure as Democratic chair. On the Fox ethics charges, Lynch responded that it was "unfair" during an official investigation to say anything about the charges.
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