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Fogarty Ponders Political Future (posted December 1, 2003)

Lt. Governor Charles Fogarty is pondering his political future now that he is term-limited from securing re-election in 2006. Appearing on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference" this week, Fogarty declared that he is proud of his record and "looks forward to working for the people of Rhode Island in 2006 and beyond." When pressed which office he might run for in 2006, the Lt. Governor did not give a definitive answer, but admitted he "would like to be governor some day." However, he noted that it would take the "right circumstances" to run for that office. Fogarty later added that "I don't preclude other opportunities for public service" beyond the governorship.

Reporters pressed him on his assessment of current Governor Don Carcieri. Fogarty said he had "good rapport" with Carcieri, but felt that Carieri had experienced a "challenging year". The Lt. Governor said it "still is too early" to assess Carcieri and noted there is "nothing he [Carcieri] can point to" in terms of concrete achievements. But the governor "has connected with the public," Fogarty conceded.

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