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Almond Worries about Plunderdome Impact on State; Wants to Look at Capital Gains Tax (posted December 18, 2000)

Appearing on WJAR-TV's "10 News Conference" on December 17, 2000, Governor Lincoln Almond discussed the impact of the Providence corruption probe on the state and his top priorities for the coming year.

Operation Plunderdome -- Said that the state has been getting good press nationally but that the Providence corrruption investigation "hurts the state. It is the capital city and we would prefer this not be happening."

Plunderdome Predictions -- Almond predicted there will be trials that would go on for 1-2 years. "It will raise cynicism and hurt the image of the state. But it has to be done," he said. "It is the time to do it and do it right and make sure there are major changes in the city of Providence."

Senate Majority Leader Bill Irons -- Almond said Irons has "been very supportive" of his initiatives over the years.

Top Priorities -- His top priority is to continue to improve the economy. The governor indicated it was time to look at the capital gains tax and said he had formed a Tax Competitiveness Commission that would look at the entire tax structure. The other item he stressed as a top priority was education funding.
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